Volunteer Agreement

As a volunteer for Meals on Wheels of West LA I agree to the following terms and rules:
  • When I come to volunteer I will be dressed in clean clothing, have good personal hygiene and always wear a shirt. If not I will be sent home. This is a sanitation requirement and a courtesy to others. 
  • If I am a driver I will provide a current and valid drivers license and proof of current car insurance.
  • All information regarding clients is to be kept in strictest confidence and not shared with anyone for the safety of all parties.
  • While I am in the clients home I will only use my cell phone in an emergency or if I need to communicate a situation or question with the office. 
  • I will treat my co-volunteers, clients, and office staff with courtesy and respect and any concerns or issues I have I will discuss with the Executive Director (Ellen).
  • When taking out a route as a driver or assistant I will keep the meals in the insulated delivery bags for as long as possible to maintain the temperature and integrity of the food.  Exceptions to this should be discussed with the Executive Director (Ellen).
  • I will call the office to inform them of any schedule changes as soon as I know so the staff has time to find replacement volunteers.
  • I will report back on any unsafe situations that I observe in the clients home. 
I hereby agree to the conditions stated above
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